BONCREAT in your Bathroom

Would you like something different from the standard tiles in your bathroom, no more those restless disturbing joints, but a beautiful serene tranquility with the look of tough Concrete or subdued natural colors like tadelakt? Then Boncreat Concrete Cire may also be for you. With Boncreat Concrete Cire you can make your bathroom special and yet timeless at the same time.

Boncreat Concrete Ciré
color 1015

Boncreat Concrete Ciré is great for your bathroom walls even in the area where you shower. It is WATERPROOFING after finishing, making it ideal for the bathroom.

The absence of annoying dirt attracting joints creates a practical easy to maintain wall finish. Boncreat Beton Ciré gives more tranquility in a room, especially in smaller rooms such as the bathroom it creates an enlarging effect.

Because of its calm appearance, BONCREAT BETON CIRE fits into almost any atmosphere, from
sleek and modern to rural and even classic or trendy especially the color choice is important here.

BONCREATBETON CIRE can be used in any bathroom from new construction to renovation projects.

In most cases, it is often not even necessary to remove the tiling. The lack of joints creates a serene tranquility. This gives other components such as furniture, faucets, plumbing the chance to show their beauty and naturally creates a more spacious effect.


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