Because of its unique combination of hardness with elasticity, Boncreat Concrete Ciré is ideally suited as a stair finish.

Boncreat Venetian Concrete 4000N

The anti-slip class R9 prevents slipping and makes your stairs hard-wearing and scratch-resistant.

Finishing with BONCREAT AQUA TOP PU or the BONCREAT ECOSEALER provides excellent stain resistance and abrasion resistance.
With Boncreat Beton Ciré, your staircase becomes a real eye-catcher in your home or business.
Boncreat concrete ciré is suitable for both open and closed wood stairs in new construction and existing homes.

For finishing stairs, you can choose from many BONCREAT Products such as ORIGINAL CONCRETE CIRÉ , VENETIAN CONCRETE CIRE , ROEST STUC , MICRO BASE BETON (micro cement). , GLAMOUR STUC , METAL STUC , PEARL STUCCO, CROCO STUC , ACOUSTIC CLAY Combined for you if desired or tailored to your own requirements by mutual agreement

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    Making the floor and stairs in one material creates peace and space, it makes everything a whole, it connects floors.